Experienced Approach

to achieve Operational Efficiency

Plastic Blow & Injection Molding

  • Thin-Wall Moulding
  • Robotic Arm – Runner Removal
  • Auto Runner Regrinding & Feeding
  • Auto Moulding Material Feeding
  • Auto Color Batch Feeding

Secondary Operations

  • Spraying Paint Department
  • Different Kind Of Plate, Book & Feed Hand Spray Painting
  • Auto Spraying Painting
  • Pad Printing On Plastic


  • Auto Glitter Packaging Machine
  • Auto Metal Egg Dipper Forging Machine
  • Auto Labelling Machine
  • Auto Ring Counting & Packaging Machine
  • Auto Ring Ultrasonic Welding
  • Auto Retailed Box Sticking & Folding
  • Auto Retailed Box Packaging
  • Auto OPP Polybag Packaging

Tablet, Liquid + Powder Color Dye

  • Tablet
    • Tablet Raw Material Grinding Machine
    • Tablet Raw Material Mixing Machine
    • Auto Tablet Compressing Machine
    • Auto Tablet Packaging Machine
  • Powder
    • Auto Whip Powder Raw Material Mixing Machine
    • Auto Whip Powder Packaging Machine
  • Color Dye
    • Felt Pad Color Dyeing & Drying
    • Glue Pen Auto Machine
    • Crayon Casting
  • Liquid
    • Dyeing Paint Mixing
    • Auto Paint Pouch Packaging

We believe our expertise, experience and efficiency will help you achieve your production goals.

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